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Go Fly a Kite:        

$65- 1 hour- 

Basic beach training

flying the trainer kite

Inflatable Love:  

$130-  2 hours- 

Learn kite safety, 

launching, landing, and re-launch.

Hit the Water:      $130-  2 hours- 

Practice all that you have learned doing the “body drag”

Board Skillz:      $130-  2 hours-  Feel the true “stoke” of kiteboarding when you

finally get that board under foot and get your first ride.. an incredible experience!

Full Package:      $450-  8 hours- From Gaper to Rockstar in three days, guaranteed...

Gear Rental:       $75-  Full Day-  for experienced and approved Kiters

Custom progression for individual growth!

We Take the best teaching techniques from the IKO, Pasa, and 10 years of teaching, and apply them to our locations, To produce the most progressive curriculum in the business. 

We will get you up and riding faster, guaranteed!

OUr gear is the latest (2013 Liquid force and naish) and the safest

(we only teach on 4 line kites with flag line safety!)

the corporate kite mentality does not exist here!  No malarchy.

We do not force you into extra hour$ on the beach and we do not $ell your info to anybody(IKO does).  Rest assured

Safety through Kiter education is our number one concern!

JetBoat assist for safety

PASA and IKO Certified Instructors

Email US!

Learn to Kiteboard the easy way

at Big UP sports’ Baja Kiter Academy

We will teach you to kitesurf with style and ease, the East Cape way! Sandy beaches, consistent winds and warm water make los Barriles the greatest kite destination.  Dare to take air! 

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Los Barriles

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